Smut by the Sea is a FREE Erotica Authors & Readers Smutty Social Get-Together taking place at Scarborough Library [First Floor] on the 23rd May 2015, it’s a chance for erotica readers and writers to gather, share ideas and interact with one another in a friendly smutty enviroment.

We’ll have a few simple workshops where the authors will pass on their advice to those who have a desire to start writing, or to improve their existing writing endeavours, you’ll be able to ask questions and share your own experiences and gain some valuable knowledge from these talented authors.

In the Reading Slam, authors will get upto 5 minutes on stage (and not a moment longer, the trusty timekeeper and her pesky paddle will see to that!) to read a short excerpt from one of their stories; with excerpts spanning the wide world of Erotica you never know just what you might hear next and what ideas it might spark ;)

If you are feeling lucky you can try your hand on our Erotic Tombola with some fabulous prizes on offer. We’ll also have our Book and Craft Stalls where you’ll be able to pick up some special smut or gifts to tale home. The Stalls in our Mini Marketplace will also have some very nice naughties on offer to tease, tempt and delight.

So come along, and bring your friends. It’s going to be a very special day and a great first step to take if you are wondering about breaking into the world of Erotica and Erotic Romance and even if you just come along for the Reading Slam it’s a chance to maybe experience something a little different if you’ve never heard erotica read aloud before.

*** VIP Tickets are Now Available ***

As you can imagine Next Years Smut by the Sea is very much in the early planning stages.

We want to hear from you if you have suggestions or ideas and if you’d like to be a part of the day, we are open to ideas and adapting the event to include new things. At Smut Manchester we’ll be introducing a Flash Challenge because of attendee feedback so let us have your ideas ;)

  • We want your ideas for Workshops.

  • We want your ideas for presentations.

  • We want your ideas for new stuff.

  • We need readers for the Reading Slams.

  • We need prizes for the Erotic Tombola.

  • We need traders for the Mini Marketplace.

  • We want sponsors.

  • We want advertisers.

  • We'd like the weather to be nice on the 23rd.

“Smut is a word with negative connotations to some. It can be seen as something insulting, creepy and seedy. I’d like to change that perception to the light-hearted sexy, humourous and fun definition myself and many Brits hold for smut.”   – Victoria Blisse

All Day Tickets

  • VIP Benefits

    •  Priority seating for All Workshops, Reading Slams, Etc.
    •  FREE Buffet Lunch with EXCLUSIVE Goodie Bag.

  • Visiting Author Benefits

    •  Book Advert on the event Pop-Up Banner which will be on the stage during the event.
    •  You can Add your books to our BookStall & crafts to our CraftStall and get 100% of the sale price.
    •  Add your swag to the Goodie Bags we’ll be giving to all VIP attendees and marketing to the Freebies table available to all.
    •  A Featured promotional slot on the Smut.UK Blog to Advertise yourself + 1 months Cover advertising on